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Your home, your business….every property deserves to feel comfortable. And at Crown Energy, we’re here to make that happen.

For decades, Crown has been providing oil for residential and commercial clients in the mid-Hudson Valley region of New York State. We have automatic delivery options, monthly payment plans, and a team of reliable professionals who will care for your property like its their own.

If you need heating oil and you want to be treated like royalty, get started with Crown Energy today. Click here to get started.

Learn more about our MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN

Learn more about our AUTOMATIC DELIVERY


Does energy pricing make your head spin? Let us demystify it for you:

Energy pricing is determined by all kinds of variables. From weather patterns and the economy to the basic supply and demand curve, you’ll notice that prices can shift considerably even in short periods of time. Speculators often place their bets on these shifts, but for owners of homes or businesses, the unpredictability of pricing can cause tremendous stress.

At Crown Energy, we may not be able to control many of those price factors, but we can certainly control our response to them. So here’s what we can do to help mitigate financial stress for you:


  • We can work to be sure your system is running efficiently with our maintenance services

  • We can create a payment plan for your business or family so that you know what to expect every month

  • We can offer you a service contract that has price protection built right into it

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